1978 CJ-5

This Jeep has been in our stable since July 1997 and came in with all kinds of ideas. Amazingly it came pretty much a restored stock Jeep with an AMC V8 and a fiberglass body.  It’s hard to find a more perfect Jeep to start a project.  The equipment list is below and continues to evolve.

T78cj-rc2016his Jeep has gone through many changes over the years.  It was the intention to keep the Jeep close to it’s original appearance while still making it trailworthy.  In 2006 the Jeep went into semi-retirement to conserve it while the new JK took over regular trail duty.  The Jeep was moderately converted back to a more simple version to match it’s intended use.

In 2016 the Jeep was pulled from retirement as part of a book project.  The Jeep would return to light duty and receive some needed upgrades. 

Below is a list of the Jeep’s specs.

Retired or Removed Equipment

As purchased in 1997

RTI Ramp 1999

Rausch Creek 2016

Body Off

Frame Replacement Project


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