Detroit EZ-Locker Install
adding some extra traction to a CJ

The Detriot EZ-Locker is an inexpensive but very effective means of obtaining a true locking differential in your Jeep.  Recently we picked up one from OK Auto and installed it into Glenn's 85 CJ-7.  85smdirt.jpg (6607 bytes)His Jeep was equipped with a Dana 44 wide-trac axle with an open differential. 

First we drained the gear lube and cleaned up the inside of the housing.

Then both axles must be removed.  With a little prying the carrier assembly should come out.  Some rears do not require removing the carrier.  The AMC model 20 does not.  The ring gear was then removed and the locker gears were installed following the directions. 

The reverse procedure is followed for reinstallation.  After refilling the gear lube we went for a test ride, the driving characteristics were noticeable especially when shifting and cornering.   It takes some getting used to so be careful.  The project took a little longer than we had hoped but we got it done in two days. 

The hardest part was getting the differential out of the axle housing and cleaning up our bloody knuckles.  After a couple of trail rides it is obvious the difference one makes, you get a feeling of more control and less effort is put into navigating obstacles.endlogo.gif (1101 bytes)





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