Stephen’s Jeeps – 62 Willys Stationwagon and 86 Wagoneer

Stephen has two Jeeps, one is a 62 Willys Stationwagon and the other is a 86 Wagoneer. The 86 is a bit deceiving to the eye, you first look at it and you think it is an old Jeep Wagoneer, maybe a 60’s year? But when you look inside and see leather seats or peek under the hood you see modern items such as emissions equipment you find yourself a bit confused. You see Stephen took a grille from an old Jeep J-2000 and installed it on the 86. Add some older style hub caps and you have a new/old Jeep. Stephen uses this Jeep as his everyday driver.

He also is in the middle of a complete restoration of a 62 Willys Stationwagon