PA Jeeps 13th Annual All Breeds Jeep Show 2008 Part 9-3

Page 9-3. July 19 & 20, 2008. 2 days of Jeeps, Jeep action, Jeep stuff, and well, more Jeeps! We have said this before but every year the PA Jeeps club puts on an all breeds Jeep show at the York County Fairgrounds in York, PA and this year is no exception. Also, every year the show grows and grows. Last year the show was bigger than ever and this year was no exception.

General Show Pictures – Page 3

Thanks go out to all the folks at the PA Jeeps club that put in the hard work to make this possible. See you next year.  The typical date for the Jeep show is the 3rd week of July. According to the calendar the date is July 18 & 19, 2009.

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This year we are breaking down the show into the following sections.  Click a section to go directly to it.

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Swap Meet
Obstacle Course and RTI Ramp
Show Favorites
Cool Close-Ups and Strange Stuff
General Show Pictures

Each of the sections will contain pictures from around the show.