CJ-5 Transmission Swap

QUESTION: Is a mid-80s 5-speed T5 transmission + Dana 300 combo out of a CJ7 too long for my 1977 CJ5? My concern is the rear drive shaft length. My 3speed T150/D20 is worn out and have been offered the T5 set for little money. My Jeep is not lifted, stock tires, i only drive paved roads locally, no mudding, no rock crawl. The overdrive seems good to me. Mine is extreme light duty use. I am a machinist by trade and can make or modify driveshafts. Thanks, Paul

ANSWER: Let’s look at the length differences first. The T150 measures 9.25″ and the Dana 20 is 10.75″. The T5 measures 15.25″ and the Dana 300 is 14″. So the total lengths are 20″ for the T-150+Dana20 and 29.25″ for the T5+Dana300. To the point you are looking at an additional 9.25″. It’ll fit but the driveshaft will be real short and will probably vibrate from an extreme angle unless the transfercase mount is lowered. There are a lot of other issues with the swap. The floor holes will be in the wrong place, both driveshafts will need to be altered, and the clutch will need to be replaced. CJ-5’s are difficult when it comes to transmission swaps.

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