Wrangler JK 3.8L Oil Change

a little info for the DIY types

Depending on the year Jeep recommends changing the oil in the JK Wrangler every so many miles¬†miles or when the on-board system tells you to. Changing your own oil is a simple procedure and can be done with no special tools in about 30 minutes. Most Jeeps don’t even require the use of ramps or jacks.

Tools and Supplies

13 mm socket and ratchet
Small oil filter wrench
Drain oil container
6 quarts of 5W20 Oil
Oil filter


It is best if the Jeep’s engine is cool but not cold. Hot oil running down your arm is not very pleasant. If you decide to raise the front of your Jeep to give some extra clearance underneath make sure do it safely. Use quality ramps or jack stands.

Place the drain oil container under the drain plug in the oil pan and remove the oil pan drain plug using a 13 mm socket. Allow the oil to drain for about 5-10 minutes. The hotter the engine the quicker the oil will drain. Replace the drain plug, do not over tighten. Move the drain oil container under the oil filter which is located at the front bottom of the engine on the passenger side. Using an oil filter wrench loosen the filter and unthread. Try to keep the open end up as to reduce oil spillage. Place the old filter in the drain oil container and allow it to drain.

Put some oil on the threads and gasket of the new filter. Install the new filter and hand tighten. Clean up any spilled oil. There will be oil on the front axle since it’s right below the filter.

Open the oil filler cap on the passenger side of the engine and pour in the new oil using a funnel.

Check for any leaks and start the Jeep. The oil light should go out within a few seconds after starting. Allow the Jeep to run a few minutes and then shut it off. Check the oil level on the dipstick, add any if needed, be careful not to overfill.

Check the Jeep for leaks after initial driving.  You are good for another 3000-8000 miles.