Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper Guide Part 2

Part 2:  Since the JK introduction in the 2007 model year many many different manufacturers have designed bumpers in all shapes and sizes. Some are classy, some bulky and ugly. Many have winch mounts, air tanks, and storage compartments.

Fab Fours

Front Winch Bumper – A stylish, high clearance winch bumper with integrated D-Ring mounts and lights. Design is focused on it’s strength and rock-clearing abilities. Info and Reviews

Stubby Winch Bumper – The NEW JK “Stubby” bumper is designed ultra narrow to provide maximum tire clearance. This bumper has tapered edges and the Fab Fours’ “knife edge” design but is no wider than the grill. Info and Reviews

Tera Manufacturing

The TeraFlex RockGuard Epic front bumper for the JK Wrangler is designed to offer ultimate rock protection, and match the refined design styling of the vehicle’s body. Info and Reviews


Deluxe Front Bumper – Offering increased protection for the front of the JK, ARB’s traditional style deluxe front bumper is air bag compatible and incorporates a sculptured wing design for the best possible fit and appearance. Info and Reviews

Olympic 4X4

272 Boa Front Bumper – Boa’s unique style tube bending provides extreme front end and grill protection Info and Reviews

273 Cobra Front Bumper – Cobra’s unique style tubes bending with traditional top center provides a clean front end and grill protection. Info and Reviews

515 Rescue Bumper – For the most serious off road enthusiast. Built to rugged and stream line standards for extreme vehicle tire clearance. Info and Reviews

230 Diamond Back Bumper – The Diamond Back Bumper offers unique tube bending providing excellent front end protection. Info and Reviews

Rock Hard 4X4

Full Width Front Bumper – Gives full width protection with ¼” plate. Info and Reviews

Stubby Bumper – Rockhard 4×4 Parts 2007 JK Front Shorty Bumper Is made from 1/4″ plate to withstand Rockhard Abuse. Available in tube extension model, and lowered winch model. Info and Review


Body Armor 4X4

High Clearance Bumper – New Contemporary High Clearance Design for improved Off Road Performance. Info and Reviews

More Coming