Go Jeeping – Up Hill Driving Technique

Many types of terrain will be encountered when off road, hills can be some of the most fun.  Personally, I enjoy hills more than just about anything else, especially uphill.  Up hill driving requires some technique to do it well and there are usually a few approaches to getting up the hill.  Some methods may be based on the terrain some on your style.

Hill Types

jeep-uphillDirt – Just simple dirt with maybe some small rocks spread throughout.  This type of hill is probably the easiest to climb since keeping traction isn’t too much of a problem.  Method: Steady pace

Loose/Rocky – Loose soil and larger rocks can add an extra challenge but also adds to the fun.  These type of hills give the Jeep and its tires and traction system a workout.  Method: Steady pace allowing the Jeep to find its traction.  Steering back and forth during slipping can help the Jeep maintain momentum.  Stopping or getting stuck may require some backing up to get back started.

78cj-hillclimbingMuddy/Wet/Roots/Snow – Greasy hills can be fun, sometimes even more fun to watch.  Noobs often approach these type of hill with the idea that more throttle is better.  Too much throttle and control of the Jeep is difficult and one can find themselves in a predicament.  Method: Most often some wheel speed to keep tires clean and steady throttle will provide most success.  Paying close attention to the terrain and planning moves will keep you moving.  Tree roots can provide quite a challenge, their smooth surface and strength are unforgiving.  Good tires and lockers are key here too.

jeep-winching-uphillRuts – Washouts are common on hills and navigating them takes some attention by the driving.  Method: Picking the line as you progress will keep you moving, pay attention and keep pace.

Noticing that none of the above include excess throttle or speed.  Keeping the power down will provide more control and save from broken parts.  In most all situations a locker or two will keep you moving and allow you to enjoy the feel of the Jeep working its way up the hill.

If you get stuck on a hill keeping a cool head is essential.  If you need to back up it’s best to drive backward instead of roll.  Put the Jeep in reverse to allow the Jeep to maintain a slow speed and keep control.  Stay straight and don’t be afraid of the winch.

Leave a comment of your style.

Small clip of letting the Jeep find its traction, notice the Jeep is essentially driving itself, throttle is steady and a little steering helps traction.  Note: Always annoying how a video never shows the true angle of uphill-ness.