Line Mountain 7 Miler 1999

The Line Mountain 7 Miler is a Jeep punishing race through the woods that puts a driver and vehicle to the test.  The race typically consists of 4 timed laps and consists of varying terrain such as hills, mud, rocks, and straights.

Here is a couple of pictures from the 99′ 7 Miler.  Congratulations to Mike Rauch for winning the overall time with a 2:07:11.  Also congrats to Curt Vasilik for winning the fastest lap time in the 4X4 class with a 27:09.  I can’t fully understand these speeds,  I have driven this course in my Jeep, and it took us 6+ hours to go the same distance.  I will post more pictures if I get some.endlogo.gif (1101 bytes)

This is a picture of Mike at the start.

A shot from the mud-hole

Rocks Rocks Rocks…

After the finish…the driver, the trophy, and a messy Jeep.
mrlm99trophy.jpg (24409 bytes)