Line Mountain 3.5 Miler 1998

The Line Mountain 3.5 Miler is 3.5 miles of racing through the woods.  The course consists of a variety of terrains from rocks, mud, ruts, hills, and straight-a-ways.  

Typically the 3.5 miler uses some of the same course as the 7 miler but is run in a different direction.  Some years racers run several laps from 4 laps to 10 laps.

The following pictures are from the “Mud Hole” about 2 miles into the course.  This is the biggest single attraction in the 3.5 miler.  Competitors drop down about 8 feet into a Mud/Water hole about 1.5′ deep then have to crawl back up a hill on the other side.  A tow vehicle sits at the ready and the area is loaded with drowned vehicles by the end of the day.  I would have had more pictures from elsewhere but with all the trees my camera wouldn’t take pictures unless in the sun.

mudhole1.jpg (27061 bytes)

mudhole2.jpg (15509 bytes)

mudhole3.jpg (19201 bytes)

mudhole4.jpg (29199 bytes)