County Line 4X4 Roughriders – Off-Road Mountain Madness 2007 Page 2

Page 2. Most of the Jeeps and other vehicles that compete in the EC4WDA are non-street legal and are used for racing only.

A popular vehicle is the CJ-7 and Commando. The Commando’s longer wheel base makes the Jeep an excellent choice for serious competition. Vehicles are arranged in competition classes that are based on vehicle length, weight, and engine specifications. While there isn’t any big money involved in racing a Jeep it can be expensive and the winning payouts won’t let you quit your day job. It’s more about having some fun and getting dirty. We settled back on the side bank of the fairgrounds and watched the competitors drive to the staging area and attend the drivers meeting in the center of the course.

Technical difficulties put aside we stood for the pledge and the racing began starting with the women’s classes first, then the men. The jump provided some entertainment and some competitors just went-for-it when running the jump. There were a few close roll over calls and one rather nasty roll over by a driver in his S-10 Blazer.


Short clip of a Jeep Commando tearing it up. 
Nothing beats the sound of a V8!

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A full race, watch the serious air the yellow Cherokee gets. 
Good example of how the figure 8 works.
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CJ-6 Going for it.
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