Cascade 4X4 Club of Tacoma WA

The Cascade 4X4 Club of Tacoma is a 4X4 club located in Tacoma, WA.  They are members of the Pacific Northwest Four Wheel Drive Association.  These people really know how to have some fun, below is a brief photo album of some past race events they have been part of.  Visit their site (link below) for more pictures and information.

Ranier Barrel Series May 2005

Horn Rapids Race May 2006

Mud Daubers Race June 2006

4 at a Time at Ethel June 2006

Turn and Burn at Ranier July 2006

Outdoor 4x4s July 2006

Webfooter’s Playday October 2006

link to Cascade 4X4 of Tacoma, WA