Maximus-3 Wrangler 10A-RubiconX-HardRock Bumper Mods Page 2

Continuing from page 1.  Leading up to this point the bumper was removed and some small details need to be taken care of.  Starting from here the winch mount and winch will get fit up and installed.  

Depending on your type of winch will determine if the factory vacuum pump will need relocation.  Test fitting will determine that.  Once the winch is all mounted up the project is nearing completion.

Bumper removed and ready for installation of the winch plate.

Remove the bolts behind the tow hook.

Remove the thread clip using a screw driver and pliers.

These bolts will be reused but the thread inserts won’t.

The winch mount ready for installation. The mount is drilled for center mount winches or offset mount.

Pull the driving light wiring clip to clear the winch mount.

Insert the mount, install two bolts to keep the mount in place. do not tighten.

Install the side bolts with a washer and thread into the provided fastener. Don’t tighten yet.

With the hole aligned use a clamp to keep the plate tight to the mounting flange. Tighten the side bolts.

Take the time to place the winch in the mount to test fit.  On some winches it may be necessary to relocate the vacuum pump.  The Warn VR series will not need the pump moved and can use the center mount bolt holes on the Maximus-3 mount.  Since everything lined up the winch was removed to tighten down the rear mount bolts.

The VR series winch will not require relocation of the vacuum pump.

The VR series winch sits cleanly within the mount.

An under shot of the winch on the mount.

If you are installing filler plates to the rear of the bumper you should install the nutserts into the top of the frame rail before the bumper is installed.  A nutsert tool will make installation easy but can be done with a wrench and a nut.  Using a pair of pliers hold the nutsert to get the crush process started.  Tap the nutsert in place and gently tighten to set the nutsert properly.

If you don’t have a nutsert tool you can crimp it down using a 3/8 nut and a 1/2″ wrench.

You may need to start the crimp with a pliers and set it into place using the wrench as a handle.

Bolt down the winch and begin routing the wiring into the engine compartment.  We found removing the air box allowed easy access to the bottom of the grille.  Route the wires up next to the radiator and along the side back to the battery.

With the airbox removed access to the lower area is easy.

Pull the wires all the way through.

Loom the wires together to keep it clean.

Route the wires up next to the radiator.

With the wires pulled up begin routing back to the battery.

Tie the wires together to keep them from moving.

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