Installing BDS Caster Adjusting Bolts

After a lift on a Wrangler JK these simple bolts set the caster back where it belongs.

When you lift a Jeep often the lift alters critical suspension measurements that can cause the Jeep to wander, pull, or track strangely down the road. Most suspension companies offer special components to go with the lift that return the Jeep’s suspension back to proper alignment to restore its road manners.

In a JK two main alignment factors are affected by a lift. Thrust angle and castor. Read more on the Thrust Angle

Caster – first to read more on what caster is see this article Toe, Caster, and Camber.


With the Jeep properly supported on stands or a lift remove the lower control arm bolts only do one at a time to avoid the axle rotating too much.

With the control arm out of the way grind open the bolt hole to create a slot. Most times the bolt will go toward the rear so if you feel that you will get it correct this way you can leave the forward slot alone.

Install the new BDS bolt and cam washer. The cam washer will ride alone the raised metal on the axle mount keeping the adjuster in place. With the bolt toward the rear the caster angle will increase. The bolt located toward the front will decrease the angle. Factory caster angle is 3.7 to 4.7 degrees.

original bolt

grinding the slot

Repeat the grinding on the other side. With both bolts installed align them to achieve the proper angle and tighten them to the specified torque ratings. Drive the Jeep for a short distance and check the bolts to make sure they haven’t moved or become loose. Periodically check the bolts to be sure they stay where they belong.

slot complete

caster adjusted

A qualified shop can check the Jeep for the accurate caster angle and make minor adjustments to the bolts to get things within spec. See Jeep Suspension and Steering Alignment

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