Currie CURRECTLYNC Jeep TJ Steering System Install

The Wrangler TJ steering system is a variation in design than found in the CJ and JK. Instead of using a separate tie rod and drag link the TJ uses a Y style system. The drag link connects to the passenger side steering knuckle while the tie rod connects to the drag link about 2/3 of the way. This design causes the Jeep to toe-in and toe-out when the suspension cycles. In addition when the Jeep is lifted a toe in condition will occur from the increased angle on the drag link. It’s minor but does require adjustment after installation.

stock VS Currie

Furthermore the factory TJ steering system is easily bent from contact with obstacles on the trail. The coil spring design of the TJ removes the protection of the leaf springs found on older Jeep models. This makes the steering linkage extra vulnerable.

The Currie CURRECTLYNC Jeep TJ Steering System is an extra heavy duty setup that replaces the factory linkage with substantially stronger links and joints. The system features a 1 1/4″ diameter forged chrome moly drag link, 1 1/4″ chrome moly bar stock tie rod that is bored and threaded on the ends. All 7/8″ thread tie rod ends with urethane boots, and jam nuts are included, as well as the new heavy duty steering stabilizer bracket. 

This unit is a direct replacement for the stock unit – no modifications or machining to any part of the vehicle is necessary.


Properly support the Jeep and remove the front wheels. Detach the steering stabilizer from the tie rod. Remove the cotter pin from the steering knuckle end and the pitman arm. Remove the nuts and using a ball joint puller or fork pop the joint from the mount. This should allow the factory system to be removed.

With everything removed begin by installing the drag link section followed by the tie rod. A thing to look for: the tie rod section is essentially the same on both ends but the grease fitting location is different. Make sure to put the end where grease fitting that is on the side connected to the drag link. Installation incorrect will make reaching the fitting impossible. (We learned this the hard way)

ready for install

drag link installation

drag link installed

grease fitting incorrect

Once everything is installed correctly tighten up the castle nuts and install new cotter pins. Reattach the steering stabilizer using the supplied. As part of this lift we installed a Teraflex 9550 Steering Stabilizer.

stabilizer mounting bracket kit

stabilizer installed

The toe-in and steering wheel center will need to be adjusted. An alignment will get the toe-in perfect but using some straight edges and a tape measure can get it pretty close.

With the wheels straight place a straight edge across the tires parallel to the ground. Measure in front of the tire and then the rear. The front should be about 1/8 to 1/4 less than the rear. Use the threaded collar on the tie rod to increase/decrease width. This will base set the toe-in and allow you to drive the Jeep until a visit to the alignment shop can be completed.

toe-in adjustment

Once the toe-in is set the steering wheel should be centered. With the wheels straight rotate the threaded collar on the drag link to get the steering wheel centered. Tighten everything down, check everything after some brief driving.

The Currie CURRECTLYNC steering system is much more substantial than the factory linkage.

The new steering gear is ready for use. 2004 Wranger TJ Project