Cobra 19DX IV CB Radio Install in a JK Wrangler

The JK needed a new CB and a new location for the CB. The old Uniden was mounted below the glove box. This location was inconvienient and cumbersome. Anyone who has ever tried to find a good location for a CB in a JK soon realizes that short of sticking it to the top of the dash real estate is scarce.

We’ve always tried to keep our Jeeps clean looking and install “stuff” in a well thought out and classy way. Keeping that in mind we thought that hiding the CB in the center console box might actually work.

Space is a little limited in the console so only a compact size CB will fit. This does limit the choices but there are several quality CB radios available that will work.

We chose a Cobra DX19 IV model CB radio for the JK. It’s small shape makes it perfect for the JK. See features and specs below.

Cobra DX19 IV Features and Specifications

  • RF Gain -Adjusts receive gain in weak and strong signal areas.
  • 4 Pin Screw-On Mic Connector- Convenient removal of mic for storage and easy reach from anywhere inside the vehicle.
  • Power- On/Off and volume control
  • Squelch Control -Elimiates background noise in the absence of a signal
  • Stylized Design- Reflecting the trends in new deisgns, sculpted features and muted graphics which give it a dynamic look that will compliment any of today’s vehicles.
  • Compact Design -Easily installed into most cars and trucks
  • Combination S/RF Meter -Indicates incoming signal strength and output RF power output.
  • CB/PA Screw-On Mic Microphone
  • Dimensions – 6-3/4” W x 6-7/8” D x 1-7/8” H


We picked up the CB from OK Auto, unboxed it and took a look at the potential installation location. The test fit seemed to make the whole thing work out well. The raised center of the console lid would allow the microphone cable to fit without bending.

The bottom of the CB was mounted two inches up from the bottom of the console. This brought the top of the CB flush with the top of the console and gave plenty of room for the antenna and power wires. Screw holes were marked and drilled. The mounting bracket was installed and the CB was test fit.

After the bracket was installed the easy part was finished. Now both the antenna and electical wires needed to be run.

The center console was unbolted and the center dash panel was popped off to allow access to wiring.

The passenger side power outlet has power all the time so a wire was spliced in and ran along the inside of the console.

Secure the wire inside the console to prevent it from wearing against the various parts. The antenna wire was run from the rear of the Jeep and fed along with the electrical.

A hole was drilled in the console mount to provide a ground for the CB. A 3/4 inch hole was drilled in the bottom of the console and the wires were fed through.

The console was lowered back into place and the bolts were reinstalled. The dash was put back together and the CB was installed.

Final installation – including junk

Cobra DX19 IV Review