CJ Spare Tire Carrier DIY

After looking for some time for a good spare tire carrier that can hold something bigger than a 235 size tire I became quite disgusted. You see it is easy to find a good carrier if you have $500 or more. After looking closely at these in magazines, catalogs, and the back of Jeeps I thought these are nothing more than some steel and bolts. I decided I was going to make my own. So I drew up some plans and did it. It came out real nice and survived the first trail ride. By the way It cost me about $60.

rackds.jpg (17965 bytes)

The shopping list.

  • Steel (I used about 9 feet of 2″ square tubing, some flat steel, and some angles)
  • Bolts and a Pin (I picked some of these up at a Farm and Tractor supply store nearby)
  • Paint

rackps.jpg (16628 bytes)

racklock.jpg (13551 bytes)

The biggest investment was time, I estimate it took 20 to 25 hours of cutting fitting and welding to get this thing together. (a lot more time and effort than I had imagined.)

bumper and carrier


frame reinforcement

rear view


A mount for a Hi-Lift jack and CB antenna was added to the bumper.