Christine’s JK – BDS Lift, Terra Grappler Tires, and AEV Wheels

Christine's JK Before the Lift
Christine's JK Before the Lift

Some upgrades to Christine’s JK to improve the Jeep’s performance on and off road. Lift, Tires, and Wheels.

The Jeep

Christine’s Jeep has been featured in the Readers Jeeps section for some time now. She finally has taken the plunge and added some serious additions. She wanted to add more ground clearance, increase the suspension travel, and just make the Jeep look better.

Christine chose OK Auto to purchase and install her lift, wheels and tires.

The Lift – BDS 2″ JK Wrangler Lift
Kit includes

  • Four new Pro-Ride coil springs capable of full coil bind
  • Bump stop extensions
  • Front lower control arm cam bolts
  • Front Ultimate Sway Bar Disconnects
  • Rear solid sway bar links
  • Rear track bar relocation bracket
  • Four BDS 5500 series shock absorbers.

The Tires- Nitto Terra Grappler All Terrain 295/70/17
More Info and Review
Christine wanted a semi aggressive tire that would ride good on the street and still handle the trail. The Nitto tire was a good choice. The size is perfect for a mildly lifted JK. The size equates to approximately a 33X11.50.


The Wheels – AEV Pintler 17X8.5 Argent Wheels

More Info and Review

AEV makes quality products for Jeep vehicles and they didn’t stop with the Pintler Wheels. These wheels feature a 1″ smaller offset than the factory JK wheels. This allows for wider tires without them sticking out the flares or rubbing the suspension. The special valve stem guard helps make sure the air stays in.

On a Wrangler JK tires wider than 11.5″ will usually rub the rear sway bar when using factory wheels.  AEV wheels allow for tires 12.5-13.5″ widths.


track bar

sway bar disconnects

after the lift

on the alignment rack

front suspension and shocks


For more information and/or pricing contact

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