BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tires on US Mags Indy U101 Wheels

After the installation of the new suspension some further sprucing up of the 1978 CJ-5 was in order.  The Mickey Thomson MTZ tires on the Classic II wheels served the Jeep well from both a performance and appearance perspective but a look change just felt needed.

USMags101-UnboxedUS Mags makes many styles of wheels but the Indy U101 style is a retro 5 slot mag that just screams the 70’s.  Many CJ’s came factory equipped with the 5 slot aluminum wheels in the 70’s and they just look cool.  Such a refreshing look from the modern and mostly black wheels of today.

To further the classic look BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires seem so natural on a CJ so we chose a set of 33×12.50×15 tires to mount up to the US Mags wheels.  It’s too bad the KM2 style is the only offering today, a set of the original style would complete the look but that’s progress.The factory slots only came in the 15×7 size which made mounting a 12.50 width tire difficult not to mention that finding factory wheels is difficult and ones in good shape are near impossible.  These finds usually bring a hefty price tag.  Luckily the US Mags come in many widths and are brand new, mounting a 12.50 on a 15×8 is just perfect.

bfgoodrichmtkm2tires bfg-usmags tiresloaded

During the spring/summer of 2016 there was a nationwide shortage on BFG Mud Terrain tires that made the wait for these to arrive almost 3 months long, hard for anyone to take but the BFG tire was the choice.  After they finally arrived they were loaded in the 2016 JKU RHR (try that in a CJ) and were taken to OK Auto for mounting and balancing.  A shot below shows the new next to the old.

bfgmountedtousmags bfgvsmt

With no more delay we mounted up the tires and wheels to the CJ and it was a beautiful site.  The retro look still maintained a bit of a modern flair – it didn’t disappoint.  The 4″ backspacing of the US Mags wheels (most have 3.5″) kept the tires in a near perfect location for a Jeep with Wide Trak axles.

bfgtiresusmags-dssideview bfgtiresusmags-sideview


Side view to show backspacing with Wide Trak axles


A little off road action at Rausch Creek Off Road park.


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