BDS 3″ Lift for Wrangler JK Rubicon – Part 4

Installing the Rear

Raise the Jeep and support by jack stands under the frame in front of the rear control arm mounts. We also add additional support for the rear of the Jeep with a high lift jack under the rear bumper. Keep the rear axle supported by a floor jack at close to ride height for now.

Remove the wheels. Remove the shocks, disconnect the rear track bar at the frame, and unbolt the sway bar at the frame mounts.

TIP: Unhook the parking brake cables from the hooks on the bottom of the body. This will allow the axle to lower further making the springs easier to remove and install. Also, unbolt the bracket that holds the brake line to the frame.

Lower the axle on the jack and watch for the brake lines, ABS wires, and axle vent tubes to become tight. Remove the rear springs and install the new ones.

rear spring removed

spring comparison

spring installed


Install the bump stop spacers into the pad using the supplied fasteners. Raise the axle with the jack just until the Jeep is about to lift off the jack stands. Install the sway bar spacers to the sway bar using the supplied fasteners. Install the shocks.

bump stop spacer

sway bar spacer

Track Bar Relocation Bracket Installation

Since we already had a lift on the JK we previously installed a track bar drop bracket. This is the point in the install to install this.

Please refer to the BDS JK Rear Track Bar Drop Bracket Install article.

Put the tires back on and lower the Jeep. Tighten all fasteners to specifications according to the BDS instructions.

Part 5 – Adjusting the Front Track Bar