Barricade Trail Force HD Rear Bumper Install

After installing the Barricade Trail Force HD Front bumper on the JK we knew the rear would be in the Jeep’s future.  We chose the Barricade Trail Force HD Rear Bumper to match and the bumper didn’t disappoint.

The bumper comes in two versions one with a tire carrier and one without.  Since we have kept the JK in the weekend Jeeper category the one without will suit our Jeep fine.


  • Rock Crawler rear bumper (83 lbs)
  • Heavy duty 3/16″ steel construction
  • 2″ standard hitch receiver
  • Can accommodate up to a 37″ tire
  • High strength D-Ring mounts w/ D-Rings included
  • Two stage textured black powder coat finish
  • Fits 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


The installation is pretty simple and should only take an hour.

First Look

The bumper came in a huge box and was well wrapped with all the parts.

BarricadeRearBumperInstall-004 BarricadeRearBumperInstall-005 BarricadeRearBumperInstall-007

Getting Started

Remove the factory bumper, tow hook, and receiver (if equipped)

Bumper removal is pretty simple, there are 8 bolts.  2 on each side and 4 underneath.  Remove both underside bolts, the bumper will not come off with the brackets still attached.


rear bumper


side bolts


underside bolts and bracket

Remove the bumper. Since we had a 2 inch receiver on the Jeep that needed to be removed along with the factory tow hook.  Earlier JK’s may have the tow hook in the center.


bumper removed


receiver underneath




receiver removed


tow hook mount location


tow hook removed

Before installing the Barricade bumper insert the bolt plates into the frame rails to line up with the pre drilled holes.  Then place the Barricade bumper up to the rear of the frame.  It helps to have a helper hold the bumper until some bolts are installed.

Place the rear reinforcing plate to the back of the frame over the receiver and insert the 4 provided bolts through the frame and bumper mounts.  Install the 4 provided lock nuts and washers.  Don’t tighten yet.

Install the 4 provided bolts with lock and flat washers into the side mounts.  We found it easier to tighten the 4 center bolts then the outer bolts.  Make sure all bolts are tight.


center bolts


center locking nuts


outer bolts

At this point the bumper is installed.  The final thing we did was secure the trailer light plug to the frame crossmember.


completed install


side mount bolts tight

The bumper is much more formidable compared to the plastic factory bumper.  We removed the D-Rings when not in use since they will clank around and wear the finish from the bumper.

BarricadeRearBumperInstall-021 BarricadeRearBumperInstall-022 BarricadeRearBumperInstall-023

The bumper offers much more clearance to the rear tires.  Optionally you may want to consider trimming the piece of the rear fender lining that originally merged into the factory bumper to clean up the install.

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