Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper Install – Part 2

Continuing on from part 1 – Wiring.  We are now at the point of (probably) needing to extend the factory driving light wiring to reach the new light location.  We cut the tape and pulled the wires from the wire wrap.  Then cut the wires a few inches from the plug and crimped on a barrel to some wire.  Make sure the wire is at least the same gauge as the factory.  Mount the new bumper to the Jeep temporarily to determine the needed distance of the splice and attach the plug end of the wire.  We added some new wire wrap to keep it neat and safe, tape up ends of the wrap.  We ran the wires over the top of the frame and used wire ties to secure the harness to the lower cross member.


factory plug – remove tape


cut wires


spliced wire


tape connectors


wire wrap

Driving Lights

We made the mistake of trying to put in the driving lights with the bumper mounted to the Jeep.  It is impossible.  If the bumper is still on remove it and lay it face down.  Now with the wiring out of the way remove the driving lights from the plastic bumper shell and install them using the new screws and nuts into the bumper – feel the joy of contorted fingers.  There is an up to the lights, make sure you install them the same way.


factory light


removed light


note light orientation


light installed in new bumper

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