Barricade 9500lb Winch Install – Wiring

From page 1. We are installing a Barricade 9500lb winch on a Wrangler JK equipped with a Barricade Trail Force HD Bumper.  With the winch installed the final steps are wiring it all up.


The biggest challenge sometimes when installing a winch is figuring out how to get the wiring to the battery.  Winches should be wired direct to the battery in most cases and be wired to the main post on a mutli-post battery.  If you need to use a remote connection be sure it is capable of handling the excessive current a winch can draw.

Attach the solenoid wiring to the proper terminals on the winch.  Pull the weather protective boots over the terminals.

Barricade_Winch_Install_JK_008 Barricade_Winch_Install_JK_009 Barricade_Winch_Install_JK_010

Getting the wires inside the Jeep is a bit of a chore but we found going under the grill and through a small opening near the top of the passenger side of the radiator the best path.  There isn’t much extra cable length but it will make it to the battery while staying out of the way.  Neatness counts here.  Secure the wires to prevent wear.


wires behind the grille


don’t do this


battery terminals


hidden wires


clean and secure


complete install

You can see from the image above we covered the red wire with plastic wire wrap to help the wire blend in to the background in the grille area.  The wrap also protects the wire as it passes through the opening into the engine compartment.

Wires are tucked away on the left side of the engine compartment on their way to the battery.  NOTE: Typically we leave the positive lead of the winch unattached from the battery unless we are on the trail.

One final step is to pass the winch wire rope through the fairlead and install the hook.  Using the winch controller reel the winch cable in to snug up the hook.

Installation Complete

The winch near completes the front look, perhaps some lights?

Barricade_Winch_Install_JK_021 Barricade_Winch_Install_JK_022 Barricade_Winch_Install_JK_023

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