1962 Jeep Willy’s Truck – Back to Life

1987 was the last PA state inspection sticker on the Jeep that has sat parked in a barn for the last 15 years. Mike bought his 62 Willy’s truck when he was 17, fixed it up and drove it for years.

Fast forward to 2007 and Mike decided it was time to get the Jeep out of storage and bring it back to life…the Jeep looks surprising good for sitting essentially 20 years.

We didn’t even try to start it since the engine hasn’t been run in 15 years.

The gas in the tank needs to be drained and the engine will need new oil (to get off easy) It’s possible the engine is seized and will need a complete overhaul.

The tires needed air and we hoped that the Jeep would actually move. We used Mike’s CJ to tow the truck out of the barn. The rear driver side wheel was locked, apparently from the brakes. After dragging the truck out of the barn and some spray lubricant the wheel was moving semi-free.

We towed the Jeep to an next door parking lot to load it up onto Mike’s trailer to take it back to his place. Since the Jeep’s brakes weren’t working the truck was towed by one Jeep and held back by another.


The old truck just needed an oil change, a new battery, and some care to get the new engine started, amazingly the engine ran well.

A few hours of cleaning and a newer set of tires got the Jeep truck back on the road.

Mike’s 1962 Willys at Jeff Daniel’s Jeep Show 2009