Rausch Creek Trail Run – April 2009

windy, windy, windy. A small group of friends gathered to hit the trails at Rausch Creek for a shake off the rust and get out of the house from a long winter. 

It was hopefull for some spring weather but what we got was 25-35mph winds all day long.  That didn’t stop the adventure and fun.

This was an unusual group, eight vehicles, most unmodified and driven by newbie off-roaders so we were sticking with the “easy” trails.  The vehicle breakdown consisted of 3 TJs, 3 4 Door JKs, and a CJ.  The jeepfan.com JK and the offroaders.com CJ were the only two modified Jeeps.

We have put together a photo album outlining our day…enjoy


Ralph on the rocks

Diane playing in the mud

Wendy denied by the hill

fellow Jeepers


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