Paragon Adventure Park New Territory 1999

This started out to be a visit to Paragon to check out a little used section of the property and turned out to be a challenging and enjoyable day.

tn_group_jpg.jpg (2615 bytes)

We met in the morning at the blue vomit and got underway to the trail-head.  There we prepared our vehicles (disconnect sway bars, hubs, air-down, etc..) and set out.  The beginning was mostly a dirt road with a few puddles, but we soon arrived at an off-camber rock ledge.

We all made without incident, Chris was hoping to try his new tree tn_cheezedown_jpg.jpg (2612 bytes)sliders (sorry).  I was pretty excited about this trip because I just finished installing a T-18 into my CJ and wanted to test it out.  Needless to say by first somewhat difficult spot I was able to creep down with control and finesse I quickly discovered the advantage of lower gears.  The rest of the day was full of new discoveries and challenges.  I smacked a fender on a rock in the water, luckily the fiberglass fender bent in and popped back out and I only suffered some chipped paint.

gupstream.jpg  lookdown.jpg