PA Jeeps All-Breeds Jeep Show 2011 – Part 2

The 16th Annual PA Jeeps All-Breeds Jeep Show was blessed with gorgeous summertime weather.  Sunny skies and high 80’s and lots and lots of Jeeps of all kinds made this years show a success from our perspective.

By mid day the York County Fairgrounds were packed with Jeeps of all varieties.  Jeeps from the 40’s to today were neatly classed and organized on the fairgrounds field.  The not-so-new-anymore JK Wrangler’s presence makes this once new Jeep seem normal.  The classic Jeep area that covered Jeeps from early CJ’s, Jeep Trucks, Commandos, etc. to late CJ-7’s seemed to be getting the most attention. A nice JK is nice but a classic Jeep gets all the attention.

As usual we took way more pictures than we can sort out so enjoy the photo album of the Jeeps from around the show.  First up some general wide angle shots to show just how many Jeeps were there.

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