PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show 2001

The PA Jeeps is a Jeep club based in York, PA.  Every year they put on a Jeep only show featuring almost every Jeep imaginable.  Now in it’s 6th year the show features an off-road obstacle course, show and shine, swap meet, and other stuff.  It is a great time for fellow Jeepers to get together and check out each others rides and compare notes.


rwb_racer.JPG (120989 bytes) army_jeep.JPG (129879 bytes)
liberty_highcentered.JPG (117661 bytes)
A new Liberty high centered
liberty_rocks1.JPG (133374 bytes)
A New Liberty on the rock pile, damage about to occur
air_tj_ja.JPG (76581 bytes)
Now that’s a big Jeep
willys_wagon.JPG (87708 bytes)

yellow_commando.JPG (129342 bytes) white_scrambler.JPG (113913 bytes)
almost_over.JPG (125821 bytes)
Almost Over!
onto_the_pipes.JPG (132206 bytes)