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The PA Jeeps have been holding an All Breeds Jeep show for the past 10 years and number 11 is upon us.  The show is held at York County Fairgrounds in York, PA.

A beautiful Saturday and Jeeps as far as the eye can see.  This looks to me like the largest turnout I have ever seen at this event.  Held in York, Pennsylvania by the PA Jeeps club, this event grows larger every year.  There is so much to see in one day.  A field full of Jeeps of all varieties, swap meet, vendor areas, obstacle course, and food.

More show pictures..

Quadratec had a nice area set up with a lot of parts and accessories.  They even had Bree Andre available to sign posters and take a few pictures.

Bree Andre from Quadratec and JP Magazine

Bree and Ralph from

Bree and Mike from

Kids can play with their sized Jeeps

A crate Jeep

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