OK Auto Rock Krawl 2010 – Part 2

OK Auto Open House and Rock Krawl 2010 – Day 2 Part 2

Rock Krawl 2010 – Rausch Creek Off-Road Park

After the parking lot festivities we hit the trail. Our group was small..just us in the jeepfan.com JK and Ralph from offroaders.com in their new FJ Cruiser. It was exciting to have a JK and FJ together on the trail for a little comparison. Both vehicles were well equipped for the trails and both had experienced drivers behind the wheel.

Almost immediately we encountered another group messing around on the pole line at the mud pit. We needed to stop and watch.

The guy with the CJ decided he was going to try the deep hole. And like the sign said it was deep.

Had to bring in the Rubicon to pull out the stuck Jeep. That thing was really jammed in the mud.

After pulling the Jeep out the engine must have sucked some water in through the exhaust and hydro-locked. The driver removed the spark plugs and evacuated the water from the engine. After reinstalling the plugs the engine started right back up. The Jeep resembled an old steam engine for a few minutes.

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