OK Auto Harmony Trail Work Detail III

Nothing like spending the hottest day of the spring working in the woods clearing trails of brush and endless thorn bushes.  One plus to this is the opportunity to create new trails and play on them.  This little place recently discovered offers a variety of interesting trails.

In it’s previous life this property was a quarry then local trash dump, we moved in to clear the way to make a fun local place to do some wheelin’.

There are lots of sections that offer dips and humps to stretch the suspension to new levels, hills made of round riverstone that is like quicksand to a vehicle, and off-camber situations that add to the white knuckle indentations on a steering wheel.

We started our day creating a small riverside loop, this was sort of a bust so we gave up for now and moved on to clear some previously created trails of brush.  After a few hours of clearing and some playing we decided it was time for fun and we went for a ride.

The first section we went through was called viagra hill.  This is a steep downhill section with a large iron pipe protruding out of the ground.  Not much of a challenge but neat because if the decline.  See pics n and o.

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jimo-shackles.JPG (55072 bytes)

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Soon after that we arrived at a tight twisty section that led into a deep hole that was like a cereal bowl.  There were a couple of large rocks and a lot of those round riverstones.  Jim tried it first, he went back and forth for quite a while.  He tried different lines and approaches but couldn’t get out.  Jim’s Jeep is well equipped, it has 35″ Swampers, Dana 60 rear, Dana 44 front (both equipped with ARB’s and 4.56’s), OME lift, and a GM V6 with an automatic.  If you look at picture you can see both front shackle inverted due to extreme flex.  Finally the old winch cable was extended and Jim’s Jeep was free.

Next it was my turn, I was excited thinking about a good opportunity to use my new winch.  I hooked up the winch cable and proceeded into the hole.  After some working and slipping around I amazingly made it to the top.   This was one of the situations that front locker made the difference.  I think with Jim chewing the hill up before me helped me escape the hole without winching.

Then came Chuck in his FJ-40,  (Yes, it’s not a Jeep but too bad, the main objective of off roading is the fun and challenge whatever your driving) he pulled down into the hole and began his act.  He tried and tried, even got close way off to the side in the brush but in the end the heavy FJ couldn’t make it.  So Chuck extended his winch and out he came.

Till next time.