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OK Auto’s 4X4 2006 was held at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Joliette, PA on April 29th and 30th.  It was a perfect weekend of trail riding.  Clear skies, warm weather, and good company made a weekend one could possibly dream for. Page 6

Rausch Creek offers 1700 acres of varying off-road trails that can satisfy the simple trail runner, mud lover, and rock lover.  This trail report is assembled like a photo album recounting our experiences from this exciting weekend.

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If you were here during this weekend and have some pictures or stories to share click here to send us a message.

Finally, something other than rocks!  The second half of our day was a needed break.  A fair amount of mud, stream crossings, and valley roads.

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Rausch Creek Offroad Park

OK 4×4 Tour Staging Area

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Rock Crawling 1

Rock Crawling 2 / Lunch

Valley Trails / Mud

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