OK Auto 4WD & Tire OKtober Truckfest 2007

OK Auto hosts a truck/off road vehicle show in October, nearly every year at their facility in New Jersey.  This show gives an opportunity for owners of modified trucks, Jeeps, and other off road vehicles to show off their toys.

Now this show is not typically the kinda thing we cover here but it was worth the time and it’s cool to look at something different from time to time. OK Auto in Stewartsville, NJ has been holding a OKtober Truckfest for several years. This show brings out all kinds of trucks from “in the weeds” low riders with the pneumatic suspensions to the monster trailer queens. Throughout the day the smell of tire wet filled the air.

It was a beautiful, unusually warm (actually hot) October day in New Jersey. The show was on the grounds of OK Auto’s newly expanded store which was open all day. The vehicles were sorted into classes and there was food and music from a live band.

There were several distinct styles of vehicles here.  The breakdown was like this…Jeeps, Low-riders, Lifted Trucks, and Show Trucks.

warehouse sale

new BFG Mud Terrain

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