OK Auto 4WD & Tire JK Day 2008 – Part 2

On May 31, 2008 OK Auto hosted their first JK Day. A special day for owners and potential owners of the newest Wrangler available from Jeep.

Jaime and Allison’s JK was on the lift getting a Old Man Emu lift installed along with a set of 35X12.50 Toyo Open Country M/T tires on a set of AEV Pintler wheels.

Kilby Shock Skid

Kilby Muffler Skid

Rock Hard
Gas Tank, Transfer Case, and Oil Pan Skid Plates

Rancho Shock Skids

Rancho Differential Skid

Mopar Deluxe Rock Sliders

Kilby Evap Canister Relocation Kit

The JK was well equipped with skid plates for added underbody protection. The rear shock skids, muffler protection, and evap canister kit were from Kilby. The gas tank, transfer case, and oil pan skid plate were from Rock Hard 4X4 Parts and the front differential and front shock skids were from Rancho.

After a while the Jeep had its new lift and tires and was sitting on its own weight. The choices they made for the Jeep were excellent and the Jeep looked great. Soon after the installation was completed the Jeep was off to the alignment rack.


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Rte 57
Stewartsville, NJ