Line Mountain 7 Miler Trail Run 1998

This was one of those rare trail ride opportunities,  after the September Line Mountain 7 Miler race a group of people get together to go through the course and clean up the track.  We picked up parts, cans, tires, and other assorted items from the track.

tn_ontherocks_jpg.jpg (2596 bytes)It took us 6 hours to cover the course (During the race a good time is around 30 minutes).  It was a great time and a tough course which included deep mud holes, steep hills, and rocks.

I determined that I need lower gears because I had a hardtime controlling the Jeep down hills and over large rocks, not to mention the ever present smell of a burning clutch.  After all the 3 speed with a Dana 20 case my crawl ratio is only 21:1.

UPDATE: Since this ride the Mike’s 78 CJ-5 was upgraded to a T-18 4 speed, 4.10 rears, and air lockers.  What a difference.  The Jeep’s crawl ratio went from a pathetic 21:1 to a tolerable 52:1.