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Page 7. For the past several years a small Jeep shop in eastern PA has been hosting a Jeep show that just seems to keep growing and growing.

The Strange, Unusual, and Plain Cool

In this section we point out some of the strange, unusual, and plain cool things we find on Jeeps and around the show.  It never seems to amaze us some of the creativity and sick minds out there.

Mike’s CJ-7 Race Jeep

Now we have featured this Jeep here at but it was nice to see it cleaned up and on display for others to enjoy.  This Jeep is built for competition and is equipped with an AMC 401 and a slew of other race goodies.  See more detail about this Jeep in the article Mike’s CJ-7 Racer

Close-ups and cool stuff

Jeff Daniel’s Diesel Conversions

Jeff Daniel’s has the TJ diesel conversion down to a science.  Talk to them 1st before taking one on.

See and listen to a converted TJ

Larger Video

Close Ups

TJ Hemi Conversion


Just strange and WTF?

Where’s the water?


Who knew they made Swampers that small?


Hood prop or clipper?

Always good advice


Wider is better

Lowered CJ? – Still strangely cool

Fire Jeep

This CJ-5 was apparently used by a fire department.  It has some interesting characteristics.

Thanks go out to Jeff Daniel’s Jeeps for putting on another great show.  These guys have the right idea.  If you have a project to much for you to handle or need some parts and accessories give them a call or visit their website.  See you next year!

Jeff Daniel’s Jeep Customizing
495 Indian Creek Road
Harleysville, PA. 19438

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