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Page 5. For the past several years a small Jeep shop in eastern PA has been hosting a Jeep show that just seems to keep growing and growing.

Awards and Fireworks

Trophies were awarded for winners in all of the classes including overall categories.  See the main page for a class breakdown.


2007 Class and Category Winners

  • Class A: Vintage & Rare – A3 John Rauch
  • Class B: CJ-8 – B3 Frank Machado
  • Class C: CJ-7 – C23 Robert Wynings
  • Class D: Restored & Maintained Original – D9 Zach Craft
  • Class E: CJ-5 – E5 Roy Bartholomew
  • Class F: Girl’s Jeep – F5 Donna Bartholomew
  • Class G: Adventure Jeep – G3 Frank Robinson
  • Class H: Extreme Modification – H4 Stephen Williamson
  • Class I: YJ Wrangler Stock – I10 Brian Donovan
  • Class J: YJ Wrangler Modified – J5 Ray Utz
  • Class K: TJ Wrangler Stock – K11 Evan Frye
  • Class L: TJ Wrangler Modified – L29 Thomas Corle
  • Class M: LJ Unlimited Wrangler – M1 Frank Kane
  • Class N: JK Wrangler – N1 Dylan Stang
  • Class O: Crossover – O1 Joe Caminiti
  • Class P: Liberty – P4 Joe Greber
  • Class Q: FSJ Class – Q1 Scott Barbera
  • Class R: Grand Cherokee – R3 Angel Lucera
  • Class S: Cherokee – S6 Matthew Portillo

People’s Choice

  • 1st – D10 Robert Murphy
  • 2nd – A4 John Hoffmeister Jr.


The show ended with a fireworks display that was beautiful and impressive.  Los Manatees played some awesome music throughout the display.  It was practically a moving experience.

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