Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival 2016 – Invasion

Around 3 pm Jeeps started lining the streets of Butler for the annual Jeep Invasion.  While things were filling up we stopped at the Chop Shop to get some dinner before the crowds arrive.  ChopShop-2016This place has some killer gourmet food that will surprise you.  This is our regular stop at this event and the only improvement I could make is request they serve adult beverages.  This year we chose a burger on red cabbage slaw that was topped with red beats, hard boiled egg, and goat cheese.  This is a flavor that cannot be described.

After the “trip to flavor town” we got to business exploring the now packed streets of Butler.  There seemed to be many more Jeeps this year than last year.  Jeeps even filled parking lots and intersecting much to see.

Enjoy our photo gallery of the evening.

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