Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area – Snow Ride 2017

Thanks to Hans for putting together this little winter event to get groups out for some winter off roading at AOAA.  The Northumberland County Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) is a 6,500 acre motorized and non-motorized recreation facility with its welcome center and parking lot located at 4100 State Route 125, Coal Township, PA 17866-7806. Phone number for the Welcome Center is 570-648-2626.

There seemed to be about 50-100 vehicles that showed up and disappeared on to the trails for some cold weather fun.  We decided to go easy and chose a group doing the easy stuff for a day of relaxing off road driving.  Enjoy some pictures of our day. 

Ralph from and I met up early to make the 1 1/2 hour drive to AOAA.

The day started at 20 degrees, it was 14 when we arrived at AOAA.

Clear roads early in the morning.

Vehicles began lining up in their groups.

Happy birthday!

Air conditioning will be working good today.

Premium windows in this YJ.

Headed out to the trail.

The 14 degree weather didn’t seem to bother most, even the crazies in the open roof vehicles.  The day started at 14 degrees and only hit 24 as a high.  We started out to some nice light snow covered trails, the scenery was quite pretty.

Bright sun at least kept the scenery pretty.

New winch at the ready.

We were crossing a black trail and helped out an XJ with a broken rear driveshaft.

A blanket to keep the winch line safe.

Winching up from the rocky climb.

Removing the rear driveshaft – the day got worse when it was discovered the a front outer axle stub was snapped.

The open roof CJ people were having too much fun.

Yup, this TJ was.

This crawler TJ made short work of this trail.

These signs usually mean it.

Side mirror picture of the group.

We had some fun on a challenging hill climb. A rear locker made the difference.

The cold weather kinda took away from the ability to stand around and BS but at least there were no snakes and bugs.

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