Old Man Emu YJ Springs in a CJ Rear Install

As stated on the prior page the rear of a CJ is much less involved.  Like the front make sure the Jeep is properly supported and allow the suspension to hang free.  Slightly support the rear axle and begin by removing the shocks then the u-bolt plates.  With the axle supported remove shackle bolts allowing the springs to lower.  Remove the fixed mount bolt and then the springs.

oldmanemususpensioninstall-162 oldmanemususpensioninstall-163 oldmanemususpensioninstall-164

Install the spring fixed mount bolt and position the spring to install the shackle bolts.

oldmanemususpensioninstall-167 oldmanemususpensioninstall-168

Position the axle on the spring center pins and install the u-bolts, spring plates, and shocks.

When we installed this kit the new Crabtree shackles hadn’t arrived so we had to use the original shackles that were on the Jeep.

With the Jeep back on it’s wheels take the opportunity to inspect the installation and tighten all the fasteners on the u-bolts, shackles, shocks, and anything else that was touched.  Below are some completed images, you can see that the stance is near perfect for the CJ.  Less than an inch was lost in the change of lift kit size.  Overall the Jeeps road performance is excellent, the OME springs and shocks provide a superior ride for a CJ.

cj-5_ome-lift2 cj-5_ome-lift

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