Maximus-3 Wrangler 10A-RubiconX-HardRock Bumper Mods Page 3

Continuing from page 2 the winch is installed and wired up and the bumper is nearing the point of being reinstalled.  According to the directions a small part of the front of the bumper needs to be trimmed away.  The amount will depend on the age of the bumper.  Luckily this area is covered by the Maximus-3 fairlead mount/anchor.

Begin with removing the plastic Rubicon filler plate and prepare for trimming.

The press on clips need to be removed. It’s near impossible to remove them without destroying the clips. Start by bending up the edge.

Using a cutter cut the clip.

Spread the clip apart and remove.

Mark off a section to be trimmed.

Drill two holes to make the corners.

Using a cut off wheel or saw cut the section from the bumper.

Apply some paint to preserve the metal.

Install the fairlead mount using the provided fasteners.

Mount the fairlead to the Maximus-3 mount.

With the hard part out of the way we are left with some little things like the light brackets and the hoop.  It’s important to install the hoop reinforcement brackets loosely and prepare to install the bumper.

Loosely install the hoop support brackets.

Install the light brackets using the factory bolts and supplied nuts.

Feed the line through the bumper and mount the bumper.

Hoop mount, the forward bolt is tough to tighten. We used a hex bit and a 1/4″ wrench.

Outer bolts.

Everything tightened up.

With the bumper loose secure the hoop to the holes

The vacuum pump is unpainted and visible even with the Maximus-3 filler plates installed.

A little flat black paint will help hide the pump after the plates are installed.

Bumper installed with the new hoop. Installing the winch hook and lights are all that’s left.

The inner lower bumper bolts are tough to get to. We did our best with a little ratchet.

Almost there, with everything on tighten everything up.  We followed up by installing a set of lights to complete the project.  More on the KC Lights to follow.

To recap, we installed the following Maximus-3 components we picked up direct from Maximus-3.

0400-007XHO – X Style Hoop
0400-011P-CV – Centered Winch Mount
0400-020ALB – Light Brackets
0400-024WHA – Winch Hoop Anchor (Synthetic Line Only)
0400-015FTP-S – Standard Filler Plates
The winch and lights we picked up from Quadratec.