Wrangler YJ Modification Advice

Question: I have a 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ it is pretty much stock and so I need ideas to get it ready for the trails and I just found your site and like it alot with all the tips and reviews. I would like to be a part of your site so hope you add me in. Michael P.

Answer: Thanks for the compliments…Of course this is my opinion on what to do with your YJ. Since you are asking I am thinking that you are new to Jeeping and should start simple. Overkill right away usually means you will break stuff. The YJ is the last of the leaf spring model Jeeps so a lift is rather simple along with the fact that there are many options.

Here’s a list of where I’d start…

  • 3″-3.5″ Lift. I put an Old Man Emu YJ lift on my CJ and love it. You probably will too.
  • 33″ Mud Terrain tires. Pro Comp and BFG are great, relatively inexpensive tires that will get you and your Jeep through the slop. I wouldn’t go any bigger with that C-Clip rear.
  • Powertrax Traction System in the rear. An inexpensive locker that requires no ring and pinion setup. Full traction with a smaller cost.
  • Hi Lift jack – no Jeep is ready for the trail without one.
  • Good tow strap – long and wide

Hope this helps, drop us a line when you get something together.