Wrangler JK Lift Question

QUESTION: I want to get the coil spacers for my jeep jk for a little boost in height (2 inches is plenty for me for now) but I hear that a lot more is required than just adding the pucks on the coils. for example shocks, track bars, etc etc etc. but then I also heard that 2 inches is small enough that leave everything stock or as is. my question is what other modifications do i need to do to my jeep to get a proper lift that wont cause me problems and money in the future. PS I don’t offroad hard (1-3.5 rated trails) will these spacers last and are they safe? Jackie K

ANSWER: There are several companies that make quality spacer lifts and they perform very nicely on a Jeep. Many of the lift kits available today come complete with sway bar and shock extensions. 2 inch lifts don’t usually require any track bar changes or alignment.

We have used the 2.5″ lift from Tera Flex on the jeepfan.com JK with much success.

Some others.. AEV 2″ Spacer Lift