The Jeep Wave

Most of us who have owned a Jeep have experienced the Jeep Wave. To some newbie Jeep owners it’s a source of confusion until either; you figure it out or someone explains it to you. It’s a fun following unique to only a few types of vehicles.

Around the internet there are many pages dedicated to defining who you should wave to and how you should wave. They are fun and entertaining. Some even have complex point scales obviously impossible to figure out within the time of a wave, but fun nonetheless.

My favorite is one I believe was written by Michael Meadows while attending Marshall University in WV. He describes variations in the wave and has a rating system that involves the type of Jeep, age, modifications, etc. See an exerpt “The Jeep Wave

Personally I don’t initiate a wave with Jeeps that are not a CJ, YJ, TJ, JK but I will wave back if the other driver waves.

Rule to live by: If in doubt, just wave.