Swapping an Iron Duke in a CJ

QUESTION: I have a 1980 cj5 with the iron duke motor and a sr4 tranny, Im going to be putting in a chev 350, i am looking for all the information that i can get on this project, and maybe some direction. Im also wondering if its possible to put an automatic transmission in with the 350 and if so what are some trannys short enough to fit with the short wheel base. thanks for all your help if u can. Brett

ANSWER: The Iron Duke is a GM engine and a Chevy motor will bolt right up to the bell. But the Chevy engine will most likely break the 4 cyl transmission which is most likely a SR-4. A GM Turbo 350 would be the best choice for an automatic. They are shorter than a Turbo 400 and almost as strong. Novak Adapters or Advance Adapters would have the proper adapter for the swap.

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