Rebuilding a Levi’s Edition Jeep

QUESTION: Today I was driving to my destination when I saw a Jeep Levi edition for sale. It was in pretty rough condition with rust through holes in the body and a few other issues. It was priced at $1095 (which I would hope the seller would come down from considering the condition of the Jeep). My question is, how difficult is it to restore a jeep? I’ve not restored a car before and not sure I would tackle that job, but was wondering about how much in a some what worst case scenario do you think it would take to bring a Jeep, Levi Edition back to life?

ANSWER: Oh man! What you could be getting into is almost indescribable. Just look around at some of the projects and see what’s involved. The time and effort is one thing and the money is another. If you have no experience with rebuilding vehicles it may be a frustrating endeavor.

See the projects section.