Question: Should a T150 share gear oil with a Dana 20?

Question: I recently had my T-150 rebuilt i also put a new clutch. I love the way it runs and shifts. My problem is when I am driving the oil from my transmisson goes in to my transfer case. Then my transfer case starts to vent because there is to much fluid. The guys at the tranny shop say they are suppose to share fluid. (I have a model 20 transfer case) My shop manual says only the T-15 shares fluid. Is there any way they could have thought it was a T-15 and put the new gear and bearings in a T-150 case? Thank you for your time I love your page. Michael
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Answer: They shouldn’t share oil. While there isn’t a perfect seal between the two the bearing will generally prevent the oil from coming across. Having the T150 over full will cause it to leak but only until it reaches it’s “happy place”. I ran a T150 in my CJ for years without any problem. I think the only solution will require removing the transfer case and checking the rear bearing on the transmission. I am pretty sure the T-150 and T-15 parts and not interchangable.
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