Question: Jeep Levi’s Edition

Question: What makes a CJ a Levi edition? Is there a VIN number or digit somewhere on the vehicle? Is it just a badge and seat covering?I am buying one and I want to know if this is real.Thank you!!! William B.

Answer: Jeep VIN numbers (especially older ones) never indicated that much detail such as Levi’s, Renegade, etc. In answering your question the Levi’s version didn’t have anything overly special to the Jeep. As far as I can find the model you are asking about has just a Levi’s badge above the Jeep logo, Levi’s denim seats with Levi’s buttons, and a top made of a different material. Certainly not a rare collectors item, and doesn’t really make the Jeep more valuable. Now a perfectly kept Levi’s Jeep would be a find but then any CJ nicely kept is special.

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