Paragon Closed – Last Weekend Pictures

Ralph from and I covered the last weekend up at Paragon. I was there Saturday and he was there Sunday. Saturday’s turn out was incredible, there were approximately 300 vehicles present. Sunday had a good showing too.

I expect in the future seeing a Paragon II. The passion and emotion Paragon’s owner Kyle Knosp showed on Saturday I think proved it to me that it’s not over. I do think that the old Paragon we knew is finished, but I am anxious to see new trails and perhaps some carrying resurrected trail names from the old park, Headless Horseman, Q, Voodoo, and the famous Turtle to name a few.

Visit coverage: Paragon Adventure Park – Closed

On another note, a nearby off-road park, Rausch Creek, I’m sure is doing something to accommodate Jeepers looking for a place to wheel. Rausch Creek is a considerably smaller park but still offers the off-road challenges that we crave.

Visit them on the web: Rausch Creek Off-Road Park