Paragon Adventure Park Closing? OH NO!

I have heard the news and sadly it seems more true the more I check around.

From the Times Leader
Paragon’s appeal denied, but owner not quitting

Lycoming judge sitting in for Judge Conahan sides with landlord in lease dispute.

WILKES-BARRE – The owner of the Paragon off-road-vehicle park says he may have lost a battle in court on Wednesday, but he hasn’t lost the war.

Sitting in for Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge Michael Conahan, Lycoming County Senior Judge Clinton Smith dismissed an appeal that Kyle Knosp, owner of Paragon Adventure Park, filed against Gladstone Partners L.P. in an eviction case involving a lease disputemore

In an email from Paragon’s owners…authenticity of this is unverified
Before the rumor mill starts to fly. We want to be up front with all our customers and supporters. Currently Paragon and PCA Corporation (land owner) is in legal dispute over our lease agreement for this property. We have done everything within our powers to honor our agreements with the land holding company, but they are trying to evict us from the premises so they can sell the property. We are still in business and will remain in business as long as possible and we are fighting this with every measure available.

We know the next question is how can you help. Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything you can do. We would however, appreciate everyone’s hopes and prayers for a good outcome.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kyle & Stephanie Knosp
Paragon Adventure Park
(570) 384-0550

Another source indicated that this weekend, 2-3 & 2-4 will be the final Paragon weekend before it’s closing on Monday. If you live near Paragon this weekend may be your last opportunity.

Many of us have invested money into our off-roaders and enjoyed our weekends away from it all and it is truly a sad day. The article accused Paragon’s owner of damaging the land, how? The land is essentially completely natural with a few UNPAVED dirt roads, what will an airport do to the land? The nearby neighbors I am sure had to occasionally deal with the noise of a 4X4’er but what will an airport sound like?

I liked a quote from state Rep. Todd Eachus in the Times Leader article: “Are we going to let some ATV advocates hold up the biggest economic development project in Northeastern Pennsylvania? I hope not. … I’m hoping at the end of the day, there’s a way to resolve this,”

I hope that if Paragon is indeed closing it’s not for good-or totally. I thought Paragon was larger than the 4800 acres referred to in the news article. If it is closed, well, it was fun while it lasted, Thank you Knosp family and good luck!

Rausch Creek – better get ready!

See the Save Paragon Adventure Park site